Chroma Key Plugin for Green Screen Photos

No comments is a Free, easy-to-use photo editor with support for layers. If offers a wide variety of tools.

In order to get the free green screen effect on photos using the software you must download and install the Chroma Key plug in that goes with it. Once you have downloaded the program, then download the plug in. You must also place the plugin file into the effects folder of the program. Instructions for downloading and installing are at the end of this page. 

Download and Installation Instructions:

1. The software can be downloaded at . Just download the software and open it from your “downloads folder” or desktop. Download and install the program then download and install the plugin.

2. The Chroma Key plugin can be downloaded from a variety of sites. . The downloaded file will be what’s called a .dll file. This is one web address for the program: 

3. The chroma key file is a zip folder that will need to be unzipped with an unzip program. You probably already have one installed. Just right click and choose "Extract to ChromaKeyPlugin" . Once it’s unzipped, it will include a single file titled, named “ChromaKeyPlugin.dll”.  A final installation step is to move that .dll folder into your program file.

4. Locate the program files for and copy and paste the downloaded ChromaKeyPlugin.dll  file into the effects folder.  It may seem complicated, but it really only takes a few minutes and you’re good to go.

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