Reflector is an AirPlay receiver

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Reflector is an AirPlay receiver that allows you to wirelessly display your iPad or iPhone on a number of devices. It’s available for Mac, PC and most Android devices.  There are no wires or complicated setups. Just download the app to your computer and you'll see the airplay option on your device. You must have an Ipad 2 or greater or Iphone 4s or greater for the desktop app to work.
You can record your screen and and add voice for tutorials, demonstrate an educational app, or have students display and present their work. There are many classroom uses.

It's a simple in that runs in the background of your computer. Once you click on the downloaded icon, the app becomes active and you can find the Airplay option on your device. For the Ipad, just swipe from the bottom up and you'll notice the airplay option. You can see my computer Amelia-PC. That's what I am mirroring.

 I can just scroll around so you can see what it does. Here are my apps, my campus website. Anything you want to mirror for your students

If I was hooked up to a laptop and using the same network connection in my classroom, students would be able to see the ipad screen. It's a nice feature that is currently available for a one-time fee of only $14.99.  Sometimes it is on sale. Today it is available for 20% so take a look at I hope you find it useful for your classroom uses.

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