Make a Copy of Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings

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Making Copies for students 
If you create a document and share it with students, you don't want to have to also instruct your students to go to file>make a copy as there will invariably be students who will start typing on the document like it's their own.  You prevent this when you create an assignment in Google Classroom. Students simply open the document you've posted and it automatically creates the file in the student folder and drive.

If you are not using Google Classroom, there is another way. You can grab the link of the doc, sheet, slide or drawing--the one you see when you are editing. The link will have the the word "edit" at the end.  If you replace the word EDIT with the word COPY, the user will automatically be prompted to make a copy of the file. Once they click the "Make a Copy," button, it will make a copy of the file and add it to their Google Drive. 

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