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Google Forms is new and different, but the functions are still the same. Many teachers are using Google Forms in the classroom. These are just  few ways!

1. Parent/Teacher Night - Collect parent information like emails, phone numbers and contact info. The collected data can be used to create a parent email list.

2. Gather Student Information - Every year I have students complete a student info sheet titled, "In a Million Words or Less” Google Form. It will be helpful to have this typed up in one place, and you’ll get to know your students better.

3. Create a Web quest - Insert short videos and short answer options. Students watch, learn, and respond.

4. Collect an Assignment - Create a Google Form that asks students for the link to their project. Students create a "sharable link" in Google application (docs, slide, sheets) and submit the form. Assignments are collected in one place with a convenient time stamp and easy paperless access to each student's assignment.

5. Homework/Field Trip Tracker - Create a list of students at the beginning of the year and check off the form to keep a list of students who have turned in assignments or documents such as field trip forms, money collected, or other data. Use a device to walk around and check off student completion.

6. Exit Tickets - have students complete a quick exit ticket at the end of the class period to get a quick assessment of what they have learned and what they may need for more information.

7. Pre Assessment - provide students with questions to determine their prior knowledge on the topic.

8. KWL Form -  Similar to the pre-assessment form, you could also complete a KWL form. This would also work with training or workshops to determine a baseline of where to begin instruction.

9. Book Review - Have students complete a mini-book report on a library book they've read independently or as a class.

10. Pop Quiz - Create a Google Form quiz for comprehension or unannounced quiz. With all the answers in one place, you’ll be able to see trends—what don’t they understand? What topics do you need to reteach?

11. Survey Says! - Create a Survey for students - favorite character, career of choice,  methods of learning, for comprehension. The responses are great for generating classroom discussions!

12. Reflection - Give Students a Chance to Reflect Use Google Forms as a reflection tool for your students to think back on their learning.

13. Teacher Conferences - Have parents sign up for a parent or students set up a conference. Click here for a sample.

Once you’ve created your Google Form, create a QR code so it’s easily accessible to your students.

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