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Google Research tools allows you to search for resources, images, quotes, and scholarly articles. It's a very cool tool. It's not something we had access to growing up, but it is definitely helpful. Here's how it works. 
  1. In Google Doc, Google Slides, or Google Drawings, click on "Tools" then "Research". You could also highlight a work or phrase and right click to choose "Research". 
  2. This will open a Google search area in the right sidebar of your document.
  3. Optional – Click the drop down arrow to view other options or to search "Everything"
  4. Click through the arrow to return to the search results.
  5. Use the pull-down arrow to narrow the search results.

Citing Sources is easy as buttons under each tool will show "Insert" or "Cite" buttons and automatically include footnotes for the resources you use. Watch the video for more info!

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